Let’s face it, many businesses cringe when they think of dealing with banking institutions when they want to create merchant credit credit card accounts. The simple truth is that in order to be in business in this point in time as a vendor, you must be prepared to accept and process credit cards.

Most especially if you do business online. If you’re not ready to provide a full array of credit card acceptance options, I’m afraid you will soon be out of business. The drawback to accepting bank cards is that the merchant is at risk for not only the amount that is charged, but a charge back fee as well.

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First of most, you must be careful to verify to the very best of your ability that the real name, cvv and address number verification are in good order. The business owner, or merchant, must be careful to verify the Ip of the transaction to ensure that it is within the approximate located area of the cardholder.

A red flag should go up if someone who lives in Des Moines, Iowa is making a charge in Boca Raton abruptly, Florida. This is your livelihood therefore the exercise of due diligence and caution are always of paramount importance. Usually do not fall in to the habit of becoming apathetic because as quickly as money is credited to your merchant account it can be taken away because of the charge backs that people discussed earlier. Now there are organizations who will work to try to change the bank and processing rules and regulations so that businesses that are both small and large will have some more security against credit credit card fraud.

The time to begin safeguarding yourself and your business is right now. You need only grab the newspapers, or read a news report, to learn that the risk is very real and always present. Reports declare that there are over 40 million bank cards in the hands of thieves and criminals who’ve no compunction about using these credit cards for just about any nefarious activities they can dream up. That is why this short article has been written by me. It is most certainly not my intention to scare anyone. I just want to remind you of the dangers and risks associated with processing bank cards for your business.

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