Spa 131 Insider

Spa 131 Insider

You know, I’m only a dumb blonde! Nah uh. Just a girl interested in skin care. If you are anything like me, you can be slightly confused and even overwhelmed with all the new buzz words floating around in the wonderful world of anti-aging and skin care. This blog is going to try and give easy to understand explanations and meanings to some common, and not so common maybe, words you might have noticed regarding either skin, skin care or anti-aging ingredients. When you have something you would like to find out more about that I don’t discuss here, I request one to i want to know and I shall address it in a future blog.

The first word(s) I will tell you about are Collagen and Elastin. Collagen is a structural proteins found in tendons mainly, ligaments, and connective tissue in your skin, blood lungs and vessels. Elastin is found in the artery walls primarily, lungs, intestines, and skin. These proteins are vital in keeping our vibrant appearance.

Collagen gives connective cells and organs rigidity so that they can function, and elastin lets them stretch and then go back to their original state out. Collagen keeps the elastin healthy and won’t let it stretch to the idea of breaking. In your skin, collagen and elastin will be the principal the different parts of the dermis–the level right under the epidermis.

They provide the support framework of your skin. The problem is that our body halts producing when you hit puberty elastin. That is when the aging process begins. You are kidding, right? Without elastin replenishment, collagen starts to reduce its elasticity and begins to weaken. We decelerate collagen and elastin creation as we age.

Is there something that we can do then, to activate production? Well, it seems obvious that being that they are proteins, we’d do well to ensure that our eating intake is enough in protein. That was easy. Other things? Oh yes. The next step is to insure that you have adequate supplement C consumption.

  • Apply Lip Balm to eliminate Lip Wrinkles
  • Nail Treatments & Supplements
  • Do not take stress as stress straight affects our pores and skin, making it look boring
  • High blood sugars level (hyperglycemia)
  • Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead) “Black Muddy River”
  • Liquid Latex Halloween Makeup

Vitamin C is a required co-factor for collagen creation. If consumption is insufficient, the elastic materials will be weaker. Furthermore, topical C in serums, creams are essential. Vitamin C can be an antioxidant that is effective at boosting skin’s collagen, thereby reducing wrinkles, fine lines and evening out complexion. Have a look at the tone and texture of the smokers face.

Smoke depletes your skin of Vitamin C. Need I say more? Exfoliation of the surface of the skin. The process of exfoliation involves eliminating the useless pores and skin cells from the surface layer of your skin. In addition, it stimulates the creation of new elastin and collagen and provides your pores and skin a far more fresh appearance.