5 Secrets To Creating A CONTACT Newsletter That Gets Results

5 Secrets To Creating A CONTACT Newsletter That Gets Results

People have to know, like, trust and respect you before they’ll end up buying anything from you. The perfect way to start a romantic relationship with potential clients is through your own email publication. People tell me they love it generally, or they ask some question about something I’ve discussed in a previous issue. All in all, it’s pretty cool–I kinda feel just like a celebrity!

In everything that I really do, my goal and my focus is to get subscribers to my publication. I’m not selling them a coaching program, nor am I looking to get them to buy some product. I simply want these to get my weekly email newsletter. That’s it. Just get just a little dosage of Donna on a weekly basis (pun fully designed).

My rationale behind this originates from my philosophy that individuals need to know, like, trust and respect you before they’ll decide to buy anything from you. I’ve finally recognized and embraced that I’m a fairly good writer and also have made a decision to lead with this present and use that as my marketing tool for my business. Back in 2003, I decided that I made some serious changes to the way i released my email newsletter, and I’m now needs to start to see the results of the writing I really do every week.

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The results include visitors calling or emailing me for training, to join up for an application, to sit down in on the teleclass, or to form a strategic alliance with them. Just exactly what I’d wish would happen! Here are the five secrets to newsletter publishing that I discovered through the “school of hard knocks” that have helped successfully market my business through email newsletter publishing: 1. Publish regularly on a weekly basis. I at first published my newsletter on the not-so-regular basis at first because I didn’t see my newsletter as a significant marketing tool (silly me!).

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