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Real Estate Investment Programs & Professionals

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This is what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, which is how it connects to the OP question. If TSLA is double of what it is today in 4 years, is it worthy of selling 2/3 of my ’15 account? Or will it still have sufficient legs to just keep my stocks for concern with eliminating the goose that laid the golden egg? And if TSLA doubles 4 years from then on again, is that a good time to market? THEREFORE I think, the greater relevant question might be, just how do we acknowledge when TSLA begins to plateau and we can not expect any significant gains in the years ahead. Funny you should ask that.

I have a related, but different problem: when is it “ok” to get out and not kick myself about it for the others of my entire life? At some point you want to monetize your success. 300 billion company and then sell 5% per year for 20 years. Some part of that money will go into other investments. 300 billion by 2025, I’ll sell everything.

That depends on the reasons, of course, but if Tesla isn’t there at that time they clearly haven’t disrupted as many industries once we thought they would. So I think, the greater relevant question may be, how do we understand when TSLA begins to plateau and we can’t expect any significant gains going forward.

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I will be looking for when the growth starts to drop, or the amount of money is necessary by me. As long as these are growing at 50% plus, and also have the opportunity at eventual decent profitability, it is an easy decision in which to stay. Maybe, when they drop below 25% growth? A or beyond China Like if BYD or Geely starts shipping 2 million vehicles.

You need to be out of your brain to believe Chinese companies, they haven’t been “serious” rivals in any technology-related industry like ever. No email address details are experienced by me. 3 and more. I cannot refute that. I am no investment wizard by any stretch. I see substantial differences between companies and Tesla mentioned above like Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon. On the one hand all these companies are heavy tech companies without question. But Tesla is a manufacturer. Tesla has raw materials, work in process, and completed goods inventories because of its vehicles, Powerwall, and solar products.