NeueArbeit Macht Frei

NeueArbeit Macht Frei

WARNING: In this article I will use the d-word – deprivation. The immediate concern is defense, of lives, livelihoods, and property. A strong, visible defense is the best deterrent. I am not discussing locks and shutters, but a pro-active defense whereby those who check it out on will be met with a genuine, immediate physical response and a real and possible legal outcome highly. If certain groups look around the street, and see ordinary people all around them, but know that those ordinary people can suddenly mutate and coalesce into an organized defense force, even the less managed individuals will exercise self-restraint then.

The problem is we’ve had decades of emasculation and disempowerment of normal citizens, brainwashed and brow-beaten to abdicate their own personal safety and defense to the authorities. This drive for abdication is nearly all-pervasive, infesting education, health, welfare as well as personal defense. It becomes a meme, a Pavlovian, aggressive, sheep-like response.

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Add wolves and the effect we’ve seen for ourselves. The spell of Police “protection” was damaged, creating chaos. However, that damaging spell is part of the wider necromancy mentioned previously, which is now in the process of breaking, too, for regular people. We noticed the Turks of Dalson, for example, take to the streets to defend their community. Children do not choose to be given birth to into dysfunction. They rely on their parents and family to instill proper codes of carry out, to distinguish from incorrect, to engender a feeling of restraint, deferred gratification, of the result. Should a child be refused that – deprived of it – that child is not to blame for the shortage.

However, essential in the rehabilitation of such people is the need to learn from wrong and too smooth an approach dangers entrenching the problem, not healing the malaise. Tossing someone in jail without treatment is brief sighted similarly. Although they approach the situation from different angles, I trust both of them. Neither set out to excuse, but to comprehend and try to explain why might be found to have been a tinderbox and offer their solution or advice. The problem we have, some say, is that there are only one Camila and only 1 Katherine. What we should NOT do is try to Xerox Camila or Katherine, systematizing their approach to be implemented by rote-learned professionals following a protocol.

There are others who, though they might use a different strategy, use ways that are effective, that can touch base and heal. If you try to impose wisdom, it ceases to be wisdom. I am sure Camila and Katherine are not so arrogant as to think they have nothing to learn from others. The Condition is hopeless at doing anything apart from form monopolies or monocultures quite.

I am not persuaded that the State is the proper way to put into action or drive the pass on of good practice in a pluralistic and consensual way. I do think, however, that people need to go much deeper still. Healing those damaged and quickly is a very important factor, however the rate in which such people are being damaged or left to get damaged is way too high, diluting resources and efforts, however superb and heroic, to near homeopathic levels.

I am not discussing the State carrying out some type of “prenatal intervention”, which is a stock-in-trade for the Socialist mind of perfecting the clay that we call people. No, we need, first and foremost, for the State to STOP financing and doing things that create the problems or creates the surroundings for such problems that occur or multiply.

An example is the benefits and housing that should not be focused on those who endure others into poverty. Funding those who cannot afford to have children to have children is madness. Women who know that there surely is no source of support and accommodation “by right” will be far more discerning as to whom she interacts with, when and how.