Do Weight Loss Products Cause HAIR THINNING?

Do Weight Loss Products Cause HAIR THINNING?

Many weight reduction products cause hair loss. But what is the reason for the hair loss? Typically rapid weight loss within a short period of time can shock the hair. Starving the cells can decrease the proper nutrients that bathe the hair follicle and nourish them. Weight loss programs that promote your body with herbal remedies such as ginseng, giko biloba or adrenal replacement can increase the thyroid and over stimulate leading to shedding and harm the hair leading to telogen effluvium and perhaps permament hair thinning. Products that are anabolic and activate IGF-1 might decrease surplus fat but also increase Testosterone, Free T, and DHT levels.

Fad diets such as juicing can change the metabolism and sometimes juices can increase the blood glucose levels shocking hair roots casuing hyperinsulemia again increasing IGf-1 serum. HCG touted to lose ins on the waste increases DHT and Testosterone levels. HCG is injected and ads state lose inches off the waste line. But these weight reduction products adversly impact nice hair. Surigical bands have a large effect on weight loss but many nutrients are improperly absorbed and the hair suffers.

We must remember that hair shows shock up to 6-8 weeks later. So the consumer must be aware that the consequences of weight reduction treatment can show up months later plus they might not make the immediate connection between their diet and thinning hair. So what is the proper reason behind action for patients who wish to lose weight but do not need to reduce their nice head of hair. First- Shed pounds slowly over a period.

1-2 pounds per week. A good plan with small multiple portions during the day will stabilize bloodstream sugar which leads to lower insulin levels which leads to less hunger pains. MIGHT HELP Hair shake be used as a weight loss plan? Help Hair Shake has 75 calories per serving, minimal fats content and we use natural sugars.

We haven’t any high fructose corn syrup, added sugars or artificial sugar. By taking the shake each day and our Help Hair Vitamins 8-10 hours later we are stabilizing the blood sugar levels during the day which helps with locks regrowth by lowering insulin levels and IGF-. Lower insulin levels decrease the hunger and the sensation to be starving all the right time.

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Many patients use the tremble as a changed breakfast alternative or after dinner as a treat replacement plus they reduce their total calories during the day. Weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week may be accomplished without the rapid weight loss of fad diets or stimulants. However our product shall not by itself cause weight reduction. Only if it replaces a snack because we have no added stimulants and no artificial sweeteners or colors.

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