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The D. Lawless Hardware Blog

I got a lot of great photos from my friends online and customers within the last week. In a yr At this specific rate we are going to have the best site on the internet! CUP PULL SANDWICH EDITION! I’ve got two nice tasks featuring appliques and knobs and they sandwich four awesome tasks using our large glass pull selection! Please, click through to the web pages of our contributors, you will not be sorry they actually amazing work! First up is this great vanity from Anne at Amini Designs Ashburn having a couple of our little plum appliques on the mirror!

I love the hourglass design on the drawers! Next up is a lovely pair of coordinating nightstands from Donna of ReFab-ulous Furniture! She used some of our popular new Schrollwork cup pulls! Friday special offers awhile back again More cup pulls matched with some knobs from our defunct Free Hardware. Perfect match and an awesome paint job on this little dresser by Lee Ann at Creative Moments.

This next one here is from Elizabeth Burns Design who I also just caused on a wonderful house flip and I’m going to be displaying those off later. Just some simple glass matching and pulls knobs with this fold-top table. Today I acquired these nice shots from Blah to Ahh Just. Click through to see the before (it was a junker!).

And last but not least is this waterfall dresser makeover from Teri of Paint by Layers! Teri found some simple Amerock satin nickel knobs and they are the perfect fit with this simple dresser. The top paint staging and detail with the mirror make for an awesome photo for our site! I’ve got some more great projects developed, but I love to keep these posts limited so that everyone gets the proper exposure because of their work! This week Thanks to everyone who submitted photos!

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