Tamara’s Paper Trail

Tamara’s Paper Trail

I DO apologize for not posting last week. I just wasn’t up to it, post-surgery and, to be honest, I really didn’t have much TO post! Things are healing but surely slowly. Ya, I should be taking things a easier than I am but little, as all moms know, you really only ever get about 3 days of sympathy and help when you’re not well! The kids were begging for vegetables, that was my first idea to execute a proper grocery store to shop!

I’m still not walking Koda as far and I’m not raising things but the rest is just about business as normal .. I put a course last Saturday night (still haven’t cleansed it UP yet but I had formed it! Lol). I also experienced my Monday morning hours espresso and cards course at Second Cup. It was an easy “class” for me, month as I just opened up my Paper Pumpkin kit from last.

I LOVE these credit cards! I also handled to start on my “Operation Mr. Dan” cards that we’ll be mass producing this Friday night! I’ll be using my Brother Scan n’ Cut machine to cut out the typewriters. I think this can be an AWESOME way to consume the BUCKET full of bash tape I am hoarding for the last 3 years!

I’m uncertain concerning this one. I have yet another design to create. I’ll make it happen. The complete idea is quick, easy, no-layer credit cards that are still lovely! The apart from I was working on this week was marketing material for the AWESOME new Storage by Stampin’ Up!

We are all SOOOOOO excited about this new products! The new-style printer ink pads arrived last April and now we finally have the storage space to house them! 19 per section. You can purchase the thing you need, as you need it and you may configure the pieces however you want!

I have begun a club so you can get the pieces just a little each month, on a budget. 45 monthly (plus s/h/gst), and starts in April. Areas are filling up already! DAY OF SALE-A-BRATIONS THE LAST! Starter Kit here. These offers will not be back again until January 2020 so get ’em when you can! That’s it for today. Week forward I’ve a busy. I’ll fill you in next Sunday. Until then, have a stamp week!

  • Senior Engineer, Product Design Engineering Job
  • It should allow integration with very less coding. In other words, should be configurable
  • 505(b) and 351(a) Original Applications
  • 66: Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 75 times

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