My Fabfitfun Plus A COUPLE OF Extras

My Fabfitfun Plus A COUPLE OF Extras

I thought I posted it below but I assume I forgot to press post? Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream & Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel: Excited to try this, I get why there’s a lot buzz around how it smells. Normally I hate gourmand smells, but this is so excellent it’s definitely tolerable. Sienna Black Felt Letter Board: I cannot lie, this got me, I love the thought of a little forum.

The characters were honestly fairly tedious to take out, I used an exacto blade to cut them away because twisting them off was just ruining them. The letters stick to the actual board really effectively though so I haven’t any worries about them falling off. Odeme JUST WHAT A Pair Set of 2 Silicone Wine Glasses: I don’t drink wines but I thought these would be best for picnics or beach outings (or honestly when I have friends over since I haven’t any wine eyeglasses). They enough appear sturdy, I tried filling one halfway with drinking water and knocking it over and it appeared pretty stable.

I just wouldn’t get it too forcefully. Mystery Choice: I acquired the TRUFFLE THERAPY CLEANSING OIL by Skin & Co. and I’m thrilled to try it. The other oil type cleansers you need to shake to combine up haven’t worked well well on my pores and skin so I guess we’ll see if this is much better! COOLA Organic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Sunscreen Spray: I’m very excited to try out this out! I wasn’t able to get the SPF setting spray in the edit sale, so I was happy to see this in the box this right time around.

I don’t expect this to replace my regular sunscreen, but as a way to top off during the day without ruining my makeup appears like a good idea if you ask me. I don’t really realize why it requires to be organic, it isn’t like it’s any better for your skin layer.

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Clay Mask: I’m totally getting excited about this! It’s purple, it smells good, what more would you ask for? I love the product packaging and I’m excited to see if it works with my epidermis (which may be a little temperamental). 49. The generation clay website is full of malware lmao, don’t go to it.

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Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask: Definitely looking forward to this, I purchased a lot of feet masks during the edit sale so this should be fun. You’re supposed to leave it on overnight too so that it seems like it should be pretty durable. Invisibobble Original Duo Pack: These are very meh to me.

Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray: This is a hard move for me. I hate rose and I hate facial sprays, they make me wanna scuff my eyeballs out. I’m willing to suffer through it for the SPF spray, but skincare is a hard no for me personally. I’m moving this on to my friend who enjoys roses.

It’s a pity too because the container is indeed CUTE. ViX Paula Hermanny Lotus Towel: I think this might be really sweet for the beach or pool. Yr and thinking they looked awesome I remember seeing it last. 328 that i feel is fair, Perhaps. Alfred Teapot: I was SO thrilled to see this in the add-ons, as it’s what got me to sub to begin with last year. I had been so bummed when I acquired the french press instead, so when I saw this is available I snatched it up. It’s a little smaller than I used to be expecting but totally lovely and I’m so happy with it.

Co Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder: I’m always searching for a good dry hair shampoo so I’m excited to try this out. I love that the nozzle sprays the hair shampoo, rather than it falling out just. I also like that this is not a texturing spray or basically hair spray such as a lot of dry shampoos are. That is so sweet, I used it as an right away bag within my boyfriend’s and I’ve already received complements on it.