Win Worley, Pioneer In Exorcism

Win Worley, Pioneer In Exorcism

Frederick Hoehn, copyrights 2012. Win Worley was pastor of the Hegewisch Baptist Church in Highland, IN. But I believe he was from Texas. Perhaps, near Mesquite, TX. He and his wife prayed and asked the Lord to use them however He selected just. GOD, THE FATHER led them into a deliverance ministry, that is, the casting out of demons (exorcism).

I’m aware there was a movie about exorcism, or several perhaps. But I deliberately avoid commercial movies about them because I’m sure they’re not made out of diligence regarding correct theology, but rather, screenwriters take liberties to try to present what would sell the most tickets. Why worry about accurate theology?

I had grown up in an Assembly of God cathedral in California, also going to a Foursquare chapel sometimes. I’d heard any pastor never, or evangelist, or teacher say that Christians can have demons. Which Assembly of God denomination is supposed to be full-gospel, Pentecostal, Charismatic? One description of the word charismatic is, if someone’s charismatic, he’s a good speaker, and by what he says, appealing to the audience.

No, After all the other definition of charismatic, signifying tongue-talking, baptized with the Holy Ghost, speaks in unknown tongues. The unfamiliar tongue (or, vocabulary) is unfamiliar to the individual speaking it, whether or not someone hearing might understand. How does a person to speak in a language he doesn’t understand? Because, after Jesus baptizes with the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost provides the words for the Christian to speak.

Jesus won’t baptize anyone with the Holy Ghost, if they’re not just a Christian. Well, yes, the AOG did have the unfamiliar tongues, and I got the Baptism with the Holy Ghost from god, the father when I was an adolescent. But I never saw a demon cast out of anyone at an Assembly of God church.

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I’m sure they might say they have confidence in that, since it’s certainly scriptural to do so, but why then has it not been noticeable in AOG churches that I’ve gone to over decades of years? Could it be because they do genuinely have the open fire when they started a century ago but then cooled down to lukewarm as time passed?

I’ve been a student of Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin by hearing him coach in conferences, reading his books, hearing his tapes. He’s among the best Bible educators I’ve found, but I don’t remember his ever saying that Christians can have demons. I didn’t always buy it just because Worley experienced said Christians can have demons. A preacher may involve some bad theology.

Buck and Gladys Hammond were present at those Worley conferences. They had a sound cassette tape ministry and got recorded the teaching, and made duplicate tapes available at a very affordable price. THEREFORE I bought some Worley tapes and listened. The guy was giving scripture for what he was saying.

Jesus essentially said, “You’re either with me or against me.” It had been clear Worley was for Jesus and against the devil. And he was right. ” or, “How many of you is there?” But I really believe it’s a blunder to go further into conversation with demons, and Win Worley did get into conversation with demons, unwisely I believe.

There was some debate between Worley and a demon about “Faith Preachers.” I’ve heard Worley speak a little scornfully about “Faith Preachers.” Perhaps Worley thought he was somewhat more advanced than Faith Preachers. But I’ve been a student of Faith Preachers such as Kenneth E. Hagin and Norvel Hayes and Charles Capps.