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The report of a 1.8% development in GDP simply demonstrates everything I have been saying for weeks, our bull market rally is merely BULL! There is NO REASON for raised prices in stocks, other than liquidity pumped into the market by quantitative easing. WHEN I experienced first obtained wedding, I remember how I was attempting to pay my bills. I was sure that he earned money that was near my very own income. 80K. Day One, when he was in a talkative disposition, he began to inform me about his financial successes. The main element to this noticeable wealth was DEBT.

He joked about “owing the banker the clothing off his back”, but the pleasure everything was ideal for him to change his debts load too. A year later, with a downturn throughout the market, my pal lost his job and everything his THINGS. Our nation’s GDP is growing at 1.8% and likely to grow no more than 2%, the stock market is growing 12% to 18%? Morning the spin-masters already are sending a vessel insert of positive articles This, reminding us that BONDS are whack, that GOLD is moot, and that STOCKS are destined for end-less gains.

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Even though everyone saw the volatile reaction of the market at the recommendation of a decrease in stimulus, the stock brokers are now advising them to find yourself in the market since there is no finer time. Your financial adviser or broker is not interested in your portfolio growing typically, he is interested in moving your funds around to get additional bonuses and fees. He is guaranteed a management fee, but there are also sales fees and transaction fees. Moving you to a “new” fund or taking on a “new” position in your portfolio is often more profitable to the financial adviser than for you.

We have known for a long period that government authorities “cook the books”. The real way that the CPI is figured has been changed, so we don’t really get a true sense of our real inflation. The way that unemployment is thought by the government doesn’t truly reflect the depth of our unemployment.

Can you ever keep in mind the federal government underestimating the GDP? So the present 1.8% GDP may be even lower. If you ask anyone about inflation, they’ll tell you it up has gone. If you ask anyone about salary increases, they’ll tell you that they down have eliminated. Like the national government, many individuals have found themselves earning less but spending more.

No, you can deny the fact that stocks continue to climb, however when it’s time to REDUCE LIQUIDITY in the market, there has to be MONETARY DESTRUCTION. If you don’t understand why term, look it up on WIKI. When a stock is overvalued, people can be influenced to pay the overvalued price, but sooner or later people will obviously see that the price of a stock is overvalued and sell their stock. Because they sold when there is still a demand for the stock, an income was made by them. But others, realizing the sell of the overvalued stocks, can stay static in that stock hoping for a recovery to a good higher price.

When the stock goes down so much that there surely is a panicked selling, then the most positive trader is compelled to market as well even. The difference between the “high price” and the “low price” of the stock would be the monetary destruction and could amount to BILLIONS of dollars lost to monetary destruction. As cynical as I am sounding, the national, federal government desires EVERYONE to get into shares which means this monetary destruction may take place. Yes, the federal government has bought BONDS and holds BONDS.