“What Do You Mean, Not Human?

“What Do You Mean, Not Human?

Struggling with his writer’s block, Mike contemplated a line of ants in the dirt, off the ultimate end of the deck where in fact the pathway led down the Cliff. Curious, Mike picked up a stick and went over and wiped over the line of ants. Sitting back, he looked at the clock and watched how long it took for the ants to re-form their line.

He viewed to the young lady moving about the veranda, utilizing a broom to sweep away the webs the banana spiders spun in place right away. It occurred to Mike that every morning she swept away the webs, and the spiders re-spun them right away. Quarter-hour for a member of the family line of ants to re-form, overnight for a spider to re-spin its web. Mike wondered if there were any different ways that insect life could be utilized to measure the duration of time.

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“Give me a whiskey,” Dave said. Mike poured him one and put a flask of drinking water on the pub next to him. Mike didn’t serve any ice. If Dave wanted snow, he would’ve asked. That’s the true way it has been Scotch drinkers. Dave sipped his whiskey, then studied the amber liquid in the glass as he savored it.

“It was just something I did because there was no other place for me personally.” he said, almost as though he were talking to himself. “Go on,” said Mike. Mike poured him another one. “This one’s on the home,” he said. Mike sensed a good tale coming up. “The agreement was IT-related.

Sniff out corporate and business corruption on in-country-structured internet business. “That which was the problem? “Yeah, I amount I probably wiped out over thirty men before I became aware of what was taking place. “What do you suggest? “During my investigations, on the backside of the net, I was getting indications. It was like someone was feeding me the install I wanted. “Someone – or some plain thing – figured out how to point my investigations. “What do you mean, not human?

“Well i want to see if I can clarify,” Dave stated. “But first, let up a bit back. “Artificial intelligence – computer-based intelligence, that is – is dependant on pure logic, mathematics. It must be, given that the decision-making functions of a computer are ultimately based on electricity, expressed mathematically as ones and zeroes; there either is power going through a circuit or there isn’t.