The backbone of the Social Web is RSS feeds. A blog can be an RSS feed and you want your own to publish to the Social Web. Publishing a blog enables you to take advantage of the exposure in the countless RSS feed web directories that distributes your blog without you needing to re-post it one at a time. But just starting a blog is not enough. Optimization is paramount to maintaining your blog on the radar.

Update regularly with fresh and interesting work and incorporate your RSS feed into your other social press tools. A lot of people do not know that there are two Facebook options: a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. The Facebook profile is for a key consultant of the continuing business, not the business enterprise itself. Be sure to enhance your Facebook profile by filling it out completely with content that contains key terms highly relevant to you and your business.

Integrate your blog and other sociable tools by importing them into the Facebook feed. The Facebook page is for your business, be that a service or product, a local business, or as an designer/musician/writer. Your Facebook web page might be the only chance you can pull in potential customers. LinkedIn is a specialist networking site. It is an essential tool for business – if you do B2B especially. Your LinkedIn profile may be someone’s first impression of your business, so be certain to optimize it.

Fill Atlanta divorce attorney’s section of your profile using the edited content and terms. Add applications that enhance your profile – especially the BlogLink software that imports your blog entries. Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your business. Keep the “tweets” fresh and frequent. HootSuite or TweetDeck assist with this. These tools enable you to post-date your tweets so you can enter lots of tweets with one session.

HootSuite also has an option, which means you can import your site content as tweets. Use Twitter lists for managing all people you are pursuing. Flickr is a media community used to upload and share photos and other images. This tool is underrated, as you can get excellent publicity and enhanced internet search engine positioning if you use it keeping search requirements at heart.

When you add an image to Flickr, be sure to rename the file with a few key conditions relevant to the image and also to your business. Include those same key conditions as tags and within the image’s explanation. Integrate your Flickr accounts with other cultural tools and add them as galleries to your site or blog. Ah, the charged power of viral video is indisputable.

If your business makes videos of any sort, get them on YouTube. Even if you don’t make videos, you can still reap the benefits of YouTube’s reputation by creating playlists and commenting on other videos. Is it your own video clips or a playlist, transfer them into your other cultural sites or embed a video gallery onto your Website or blog. Utilize the same naming strategy for images: Use your key terms in file brands, tags, and explanations of the videos you add to these grouped neighborhoods. This is a presentation on how to create a realistic beginning social media strategy for your business. No matter which tools you decide to implement, understand that the Social Web is approximately interaction. Join and start conversations whenever you can.

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  2. Find a web site design niche
  3. Who is your audience
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  5. 1000 MB (one gigabyte!) Disk Space
  6. Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor

We made the decision (with the support of the James Irvine Foundation) to go big and devote the complete gallery to the experience, spending money to construct shelves and purchase matching jars. Since the activity is so easy to explain, we employed an area illustrator to make a huge mural to provide instructions in an IKEA dreamland style. We gather people’s email addresses (opt in) on a clipboard if they want to come get their jar at the end of the show in late November. We have been overwhelmed by involvement in the first month.

We have 400 jars, of which about 300 are filled already. Some are funny, some are lovely, some are poignant, some are unhappy. We will need more jars. They may not match. Pocket Museums in bathrooms. We also cut back the pocket museums in the first-floor bathrooms – see last week’s post for further discussion of these and their blended success.