PISO Ni Juan: BDO Easy Investment Plan

PISO Ni Juan: BDO Easy Investment Plan

This BDO deposit accounts is the settlement account announced by the buyer in his EIP Application form and can be the savings, checking out or payroll accounts taken care of with any BDO servicing branch. In the said system, the investor can pick among the BDO UITF products he desires to invest with.

The BDO EIP accounts will be funded automatically from the investor’s negotiation accounts through the auto-debit facility of BDO. The debit can be chosen with the buyer period and the total amount that’ll be deducted from his checking account. Twice a month The routine of contributions can be chosen from the regularity of once or.

  • 3 $5,000 $2,000
  • What factors should we consider when choosing a source of short-term credit
  • HDI ranking and value: #50 0.790
  • Litigations pending in civil courts
  • 1% – will be wealthy
  • “Refund”, “Exchange” & “Transfer” of Unit Trus
  • Investor ownership, which Hansmann and Kraakman take to mean, possession by shareholders.[4]
  • Protect Your Family >

Every time the amount gets to the UITF least investment amount, it will spin-off into a normal UITF contribution and will be added in to the investors UITF profile. Ask yourself, what’s your objective in investing. It could either be a long term or a short-term goal. It could help if you read PISO Ni Juan articles about UITF to truly get you acquainted about unit investment trust funds.

Choose which among the BDO unit investment trust money will suit your investment goals and your risk tolerance. Please, be aware a high yielding UITF is a riskier investment in comparison to a lesser risk investment which is also lower in possible results. Plan your activities throughout your annual vacation in the Philippines. Include in your primary activities to open up your BDO Easy Investment Plan account.

Download from the BDO website the BDO EIP documentations and forms for you to familiarize. During your vacation, go directly to the nearest BDO branch in your area. Open an account with BDO the passbook, ATM, or a checking account. These accounts will be your settlement account for your BDO Easy Investment Plan. Don’t forget to bring two sets of 1×1 ID picture and two government-issued identification cards.

Ask the bank representative to sign up your accounts in the online banking facility so that you can be able to monitor your remittance exchanges with your accounts through the internet. Once you’re back in your workstation overseas, enroll your arrangement accounts with your remittance bank or investment company for your finance transfers. Monitor from your BDO online banking account the transfer activities in relation with your settlement account. When you reached the spin-off amount, your contribution can be a regular investment in your UITF profile and you will be noted with a Confirmation of Participation (COP).

Your co-investor (which is your wife, in this case) can pick-up the COP from your BDO servicing branch. Please, be aware of the number of units of participation acknowledged to your investment and the prevailing Net Asset Value per device (NAVPU) when your contribution was made out of the fund. You use these data to monitor the investment comes back or produces of your investments. Every spin-off of your contribution will reflect different NAVPU which means you need to observe these for your returns calculation later. In case that you wanted to track the finance performance of your investment, the BDO can be visited by you Unibank, Inc. website, or you can travel to our regular posts here at PISO Ni Juan. For free updates, free UITF calculators or some questions regarding UITF investing, feel absolve to join our growing email lists by enrolling your email in the side bar of the page.

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