The Eyeshadow Palette Voted NUMBER 1

The Eyeshadow Palette Voted NUMBER 1

A budget brand eyeshadow palette has been announced successful after many Australian makeup enthusiasts voted it their number one product. Maybelline NY Burgundy Bar eyeshadow palette lately took out a high prize in the makeup category at the 2019 Glosscar Awards by Beauty Heaven. 26.95, features an array of on-trend colors and textures – perfect for creating day or night looks.

48 AUD). It’s a bargain because for the price the pigments are good and well shimmered,’ said one reviewer. Another said: ‘The shadow glides on smoothly and remains on all day. The colors are treasured by me in this palette, they are colors I reach for each day for work,’ said a third. Well to be affordably priced and supplying a well-curated collection of colors, the palette offers shadows that are diminishing and crease resistant.

One YouTube makeup designer, Courtney Kelly, recently distributed a clip with her followers which exposed how she used the palette to create a dramatic multi-hued attention. The pigmentation with this is unbelievable, it’s the quality of the high-end palette. I have a high-end palette that isn’t even while good as this,’ she said. Other reviewers who’d left feedback on Priceline’s website agree with the fact the palette offers a quality to rival more expensive brands.

This is nearly the same as Ofra’s quality! Beautiful textures, not chalky but buttery, blendable, a lot more pigmented than the blushed nudes palette,’ said one. While another added: ‘Good pigment (could become more intense but it is buildable). Best for pros or beginners. Shimmers are much better if you spray with setting spray as they don’t really show up really bright.

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  • An open injury to the bone, such as an open up fracture with the bone ends piercing the skin

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