Terrified Tourists Run For Cover During Disney Parade

Terrified Tourists Run For Cover During Disney Parade

Tourists visiting Disney World in Florida on Friday were forced to take cover after a metallic fire-breathing dragon instantly burst into flames. Video of the occurrence shows the top of the animatronic beast completely engulfed in fireplace, moving towards the crowd as black smoke cigarettes billows to the sky. According to The Orlando Sentinel, the appeal is Maleficent’s dragon and part of the Magic Kingdom’s daily Festival of Fantasy parade located in Liberty Square.

The open fire was extinguished by a park worker and the area was cleared for visitors shortly thereafter. Nobody was injured in the occurrence, a Disney World spokesperson said. Members of the Reedy Creek fire department took care of immediately after the incident, but by enough time they arrived the open fire had been included.

Share The Disney World spokesperson said an investigation in to the incident has been opened up and are probing what caused the open fire. The dragon, explained by the Sentinel as developing a ‘steampunk’ design, usually rolls through the streets of the park bobbing along and sometimes rearing its head back to blow out smoke and flames. The dragon is operated by a recreation area worker usually, stationed close to the base of the neck. Another park worker is stationed towards the trunk, while additional costumed ensemble members travel by foot. Debuting more than four years ago at Disney World, the Festival of Fantasy parade includes several themed floats such as Mickey Mouse and the royal ‘Frozen’ sisters.

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