Lifeguards Rush Into The Sea TO SAVE LOTS OF Boy In Italy

Lifeguards Rush Into The Sea TO SAVE LOTS OF Boy In Italy

This is the terrifying second two lifeguards saved a child who was simply caught in ferocious waves in Italy. The son, regarded as 11, was swallowed up in the backwash of the inbound tide at the Lido Ulivarella beach in Palmi, Italy, dramatic footage shows. He had ventured into the waves regardless of the beach being almost unfilled credited to tough seas on Monday.

Despite the beach being almost empty due to rough seas, a young man – who’s thought to be 11-years-old – got ventured into the waves. Fellow beach goers used a rope to move the youngster out of the huge waves as they crashed on top of him, as two heroic lifeguards plunged into the sea to save lots of his life. One lifeguard tried to keep your hands on the son desperately, but kept getting knocked over by waves.

Share 13 shares Student Flavio Logiudice, 20, captured the recovery on camera. She said: ‘The kid was uninjured, but he was scared and the waves experienced stripped him of his going swimming kit. He became needed and caught the help of two lifeguards. I have no idea who the kid was. There were other similar events when people swam during rough seas here.

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