The Bloomin’ Couch

The Bloomin’ Couch

I started this blog almost four years ago while performing a makeup course. At the time, I was just recovering from an extremely bad amount of time in my entire life and makeup was just the creative store I needed. Full of hope and belief that makeup would heal my heart, I started to blog about any of it. And today I can securely say that that small step has brought me light years forward. On my journey, I’ve learnt a lot.

About myself, about others and about life. I’ve transformed both actually and spiritually, but, like a caterpillar, I’m not done changing yet. Maybe that is supposed to frighten me, but I think it is motivating quite. Because even easily can’t stand some things about myself, I have the chance to change them still.

And that’s an amazing chance to have. Today I’d like one to meet me. The new, but growing me still. So let me introduce myself. I’m a female. With this comes the necessity for continuous chatter, obscene amounts of beautifying, and an incredible desire for feeling and cuddling liked. But even if I listed the stereotypical points of womanhood just, I’m not a stereotype whatsoever.

There’s just a great deal to me to simply get into a mould. I’m a wife. A blessed one incredibly, I might add. Year to be married This is my seventh, but it doesn’t feel that long (while feeling longer at the same time). Each day is more magnificent and fulfilling than you can imagine Being with your soulmate and closest friend.

  • Have your supper early (2 hours prior to going to bed)
  • Pale Pink
  • What is your most uncomfortable moment
  • Leave it on for 5 minutes until it dries and clean it off with cold water
  • Avoid chaffing wearing bikers shorts, bandelettes and anti-chaffing pants
  • Twenties and thirties

I never thought I could love a person in so far as I love my hubby. But he makes it easy, therefore I do. The knowledge that I’ve got the perfect person to grow into later years to make the trip to that point a lot more rewarding. Because no matter what, he’s got my back and I have his.

I’m a mother. Wow. Just typing it offers me chills down my spine. But what an unbelievable, fantastic joy it is overwhelmingly! Above I said I could never imagine loving someone anywhere near this much. That goes here doubly. My daughter presented a love in me I never dreamed I could feel, but I do. And it’s not more than I love my husband, it’s similarly deep and meaningful, just in a different way.

Watching her grow and find out (something new each day), has been a blessing. I can’t wait around to see what she comes up with next. I’m an article writer. The audio of my fingers tapping the keypad keys brings a feeling of satisfaction and achievement that I never dreamed of. This, THIS, is what I am saying to be doing.

This word-smithing thing, which makes people smile and laugh and cry and feel. Heck, it creates Me personally laugh and smile and cry and feel. It’s a calling, I believe. I’m noisy and slightly crazy. I’m the main one at the table laughing, talking and gesturing in the loudest, most passionate way.

I’ve feared in my life that people would be ashamed of this reality, but strangely, they aren’t. Or they just don’t inform me. I’m a dreamer and an optimist. During my life, I’ve been busy with some half-baked, hair-brained plan. Because of this facet of my personality, I make an effort to say things that will always encourage, inspire and ‘build’ other folks. I’ll never tell someone to let go of their dreams, or that something is too big for them to attempt.