ScA Daily Help Thread Jul 30, 2019 : SkincareAddiction

ScA Daily Help Thread Jul 30, 2019 : SkincareAddiction

I’m engaged and getting married in a little over 90 days and would like to start taking better treatment of my epidermis. Let me develop a more intentional skin care routine that’s not me just buying an arbitrary different product every month. However, I should also be reasonable about my own habits – I will most likely not adhere to a regimen that has too many steps or that will require me to buy my products from ten different places.

I need to make this as easy and fool-proof as possible or I just won’t take action. I don’t want to spend hours examining ingredients I don’t acknowledge. I just want a one-stop shop where I can get everything I want at the same time and reorder/restock easily while I go out.

What companies do y’all recommend? Current Routine: AM – facial cleanser (presently using Shea Moisture African Black Soap/Bamboo Charcoal, but I’ll usually just buy whatever at the drug store) followed sometimes by toner easily remember, and by an SPF moisturizer then. PM – try, unsuccessfully usually, to remember to clean my face.

  • Citronella – May cause discomfort when inhaled or skin sensitivity
  • Radio Theatre
  • ► April (11)
  • PHILOSOPHY Hope in a Jar (Moisturiser)
  • 19 months back from South Beach, FL
  • MAC Superslick liquid Eyeliner ( I am going to review this later)
  • It manages the excretion of water and waste product

Occasional – make myself a face mask with avocados or whatever if I’m feeling fancy. As you can plainly see, I’m not off to a great start and I believe I need to take baby steps. Where must I choose a few nice-quality products to improve this simple program? I simply want to feel just like there’s an objective in putting these things all over my face.

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It all depends upon the type of makeup it is. Skin makeup or attention makeup? Try whatever you would take that off your face to begin with. If that doesn’t work, just bleach it or run it through the clean and see what goes on. What goes on when you put makeup on?

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