10 Ways To Re-purpose Your Content

10 Ways To Re-purpose Your Content

One way that you can work a bit easier in your online business is to re-purpose any articles or content you’ve written. This viewpoint of “write once, use endlessly” has helped me immeasurably over the years to increase my marketing reach further than I ever thought possible without having to create massive levels of new content all the time. While I’m not completely averse to hard work, I see no need in spending so much time while I don’t absolutely have to.

One way that you can work a bit easier in your online business is to re-purpose any articles or content you’re writing for your email newsletter. This school of thought of “write once, use endlessly” have helped me immeasurably over the years to expand my marketing reach beyond I ever thought possible and never have to create massive amounts of new content on a regular basis. How do you do it?

I have on my schedule to create 1 new article every week for my ezine, and then use the methods the following the maximize my investment of time in writing the article: 1. Develop a podcast. Make an electronic recording of your article using one of a variety of audio-saving devices or software like Audacity, for example.

Before recording, I duplicate my article to a Word doc and enlarge the font to 14 or so for easy reading and then practice my script (article) many times to ensure I don’t stumble in the recording process. I’ve also created an intro that leads me into the article subject for the week, and with an offer for my listeners close. Then, post your podcast to podcast directories.

In about half an hour, you’ve created another online marketing strategy for yourself. 2. Increase your blog. Every article that I write for my publication is also posted to my blog. I’m often asked whether this is overkill, since I already publish an Ezine, and whether the search engines penalize me for redundant content. As as I can tell much, I’ve never been penalized for having the same article come in multiple places. In fact, Google appears to index any content on my blog within hours.

I’m able to see that because the Google notifications I have setup for my name, my company name, and a variety of other search terms upgrade me daily about where I’m being stated online. And, some people love to read and respond to blogs while others would rather read ezines. So, by doing both, I appeal to both audiences with only minutes of extra effort. 3. Post to your website.

I estimate that easily 60% of my traffic comes to my website via keyword searches that match the topics of articles that I’ve written. And, I’m constantly sending both current and potential clients to my site for additional information on a subject that enhances a recently available discussion I’ve experienced with them.

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Make sure that you have your articles indexed in usable categories that produce sense to your marketplace so that they can simply find your words of knowledge when they seek out it online. 4. Create your “free offering”. Unfortunately, the offer of a free Ezine in return for someone’s name and contact info is no more adequate today to compel someone to easily part with their contact information.

Now you have to in the ante and offer a free report or free saving or ebook to persuade someone to join your list. Your write-ups are a perfect source because of this. In fact, the free ebook that I offer for joining my list is a compilation of lots of articles on this issue of getting traffic to your internet site. 5. Submit to article banking institutions.