The Rural Blog: 6/23/19

The Rural Blog: 6/23/19

A large rooster processor chip used new regulatory freedoms granted by the Trump administration to fleece dark farmers in Mississippi, Isaac Arnsdorf reviews for ProPublica as well as the Clarion Ledger in Jackson. Koch Foods, the nation’s fifth-largest poultry processor chip, persuaded a dark farmer named John Ingrum to improve chicks for a couple weeks until they were prepared to slaughter. An ongoing company consultant promised they would deliver flocks and feed, and informed Ingrum he could make big money, Arnsdorf reviews. After Ingrum signed a contract with Koch, company representatives kept requiring him to make expensive modifications, about which they sometimes transformed their minds.

Koch began delivering Ingrum chicks less often, which intended he made less overall and fell in back of on his loan obligations. 100,000 in repairs. “The worker also swore at Ingrum’s agent and spread a rumor that the lender had foreclosed, based on the affidavit. That wasn’t true, but it was becoming increasingly hard to avoid,” Arnsdorf reports. When Ingrum complained about the business’s practices at an agricultural community forum in 2010 2010 went to by Attorney General Eric Holder and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Koch Foods abruptly canceled his contract. Ingrum lost his farm and couldn’t reunite on his feet for another five years. After Ingrum went of business, only three other African American poultry farmers were working for Koch.

Two left the business about the time Ingrum did, departing Carlton Sanders as the last. 318,000 and stopped delivering hens to his farm; Sanders asked around and recognized none of the white farmers had been told to make those noticeable changes. In 2015 he filed a complaint with the USDA. Meanwhile, his loan provider foreclosed and he filed for bankruptcy.

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